Adesso Jewelry Designer Samantha Goldstone
Samantha Goldstone - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Adesso believes in connection.
Adesso believes in community.
Adesso believes in being inspired and inspiring others.
Adesso believes in creativity.
Adesso believes in thoughtful, unique beauty.
Adesso believes in using our hands.
Adesso believes in making this world a more beautiful place.
Adesso believes in helping others.
Adesso believes in learning from the past but living “in the now” - Adesso!


Adesso fosters connection and community at the intersection of inspiration, creativity and beauty through our jewelry, home goods and gift collections.


Adesso came about as a result of Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Samantha Goldstone’s marrying of her two passions of jewelry making and helping others in need. What started in her home grew and attracted a team of other like-minded, creative artisans who collaborate on jewelry collections inspired by unique travel, patterns in nature, cultural heritage and vintage finds. In keeping with Adesso’s philosophy to work, live and design locally, all pieces are lovingly handmade in Santa Barbara, California. Adesso has been sold in over 100 specialty boutiques and stores around the globe. You may have seen Adesso in magazines such as InStyle, People, Lucky, Santa Barbara and O! Oprah Magazine.