Riding the end-of-the-year wave with calm and grace!

My great aunt's ode to Ganesha

Like most people I encounter these days, I am juggling the end-of-the-year madness presented by the holidays, finishing up those pressing things at work, my daughter’s impending school break, many fun activities on the calendar, travel and just a general wrapping up of loose ends.  It feels like one massive balancing act this time of year.  I have been making sure to take the time to do a few crucial things that are helping me ride the rollercoaster of this season!

Here are the five things that are helping me get by this time around the old holiday/end-of-the-year bend:

1. Taking 20 minutes each morning to get centered.  No matter what I have on the docket (and it seems to be a never ending list these days), I am carving out 20 minutes each morning to breathe, set intentions, be grateful, say I am sorry and just get focused.  It makes a difference.  A list is a road map for the day, but we cannot get too far down that road if we do not have our head screwed on straight.  It makes a nice, peaceful start to the day.

2. Juicing.  My dear, life coach friend and yoga teacher, Anne, suggested making a juice in my Breville with pineapple guavas (10 per serving), grapefruit (2 per serving), lime (1 per serving), lemon (1 per serving) and orange (1 per serving).  This concoction is tart and sweet and really is a great start to the day.  I also have been trying to get in a green juice every day.  I am still a huge fan of Kimberly Snyder’s Green Smoothie, which I try to work into my days as well (previous seen on our blog here).  During a time when holiday foods are tempting and we are on the run, these options provide us with the key nutrients our bodies need to keep going and stay healthy.

The Daily Green Juice Concoction

3. Laughing. There is too much going on right now to take it all too seriously.  I had an unbelievably hysterical dinner party with friends last week and it was the best medicine. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I woke up the next day feeling rested and ready to tackle my day.

Mario Batali's Beet Green Soup Recipe

4. Eating well.  Aside from the juicing, I am trying to work in lots of salads and green veggies these days.  However, I am not shying away from my favorite foods.  I eat pasta multiple nights a week and just try to make sure that I accompany it with a healthy dose of vegetables.  I recently made pasta with Cavolo Nero (lacinato kale—one full head) sauteed with garlic and topped with some shredded pecorino romano. It was so simple, but delicious.  Another simple favorite to make this time of year is Mario Batali’s Beet Green Soup.  It takes no time and is so amazing!

A Simple Kale, Garlic and Pecorino Pasta

5. Surrounding myself with good friends. Need I say more except possibly mix this with some dark chocolate and #3.

I am looking forward to things to come in 2012.  It is not about resolutions. I am excited to continue to practice what I have learned in 2011 and just continue to work on being the best version of myself possible.

Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!






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